Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New development :The regime of coup d 'etat and the dangerous game of assassination!

Pictures: 1-shooting at Karubi's car 2- Assassination of Mr. Masoud Alimohammadi 3- Assassination of Musavi's nephew

Situation in Iran is rapidly changing. The count down for the regime of coup d'etat has started . a nationwide protest has been planned for Feb.11 ,2010. Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime is playing cowardly. They have decided to terrorize innocent Iranian people by assasination and Lebanonization of Iran. The economy is in shamble. The fact the matter is, the daily news about the banks and their problems ; like the borrowers won't pay what they have borrowed. Regime have lost complete management of the situation they have created themselves. The regime of coup d'etat showed that it is unable to function at the time of political crisis.

Regime has created new scenari for the green movement. This time they have decided to assassinate the prominent green movement leaders or supporters. Just in last week they tried to assassinate Mr. Karubi one of the leader of the green movement in the city of Ghazvin. Mr. Karubi's car was ambushed and two bullet was fired on his car, but since the car was bullet proof , no one was hurt. Regime also assassinated Mr. Musavi's nephew couple of weeks ago.

Today regime has assassinated Mr. Masoud Alimohammadi a professor of Tehran University , a nuclear physist and a pro green movement and one of the 420 professors who have signed a pettition in support of Mr.Musavi.
Regime was using the scenario of assassination in its entire political life. 27 plus years ago , they were sending terrorist in the name of diplomat around the world. These so called diplomates were no one but revolutionary guards who were trained to make granade and help the Association of Iranian Moslem Students around the world . I'm writing this because i know for the fact that ; for example a man who had lost some of his finger during bomb making was sent to the Philippines to help the Iranian moslem students between 1981-82. at the time this man was in Philippines, an Iranian opposition student was killed and in his funeral a granade was thrown in the gathering and as a result many students were wounded. They also carried out similar operation in the other countries .. ......


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