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Mir Hossain Musavi released his 17th communique...(Part 1)

Mir Hossain Musavi one of the green movement leader released his 17th communique this week. This communique brought hot discussion not only among the entire regime officials and different factions of the Islamic Republic but also among all Iranian intellectuals and society . The main topic of the discussion is about the discourse of "violence" and "struggle by means of violence" or "by means of non violence" and civil rights or civil disobedience.Mussavi's communique contained five major issues:

1- The Government must become responsive to the parliament and Judiciary Power and unnecessary support to government must be removed.
2-Respect for freedom of press, freedom of expression and freedom of information...
3-Freedom of gathering and protest
4- freedom to elect /free election
5-freedom of all political prisoners and ......

Iranian inside and outside of Iran or in exile are busy discussing this issue this week and perhaps in the future.
Right after the revolution with the establishment of Islamic Republic and the growing of dissent and soon the suppression of oppositions from within the Islamic Republic ( Bani Sader- ghotb Zadeh, Bazargan with wide range of thoughts .....)and from various political groups including Mojahedin khalq (which decided to challenge the Islamic Republic through arm struggle) and the defeat of all these type of struggle and approach,the political oppositions needed to choose new path to continue their struggle.
After almost fifteen years of suppression , regime
needed to reform itself for survival or face the mounting pressure from society and people's revolt.
From within the Islamic Republic, the seeds of reform was planted by few Islamic Republic scholars and officials such as Mohammad Khatami , soroush ,Montazeri and ....which grow bigger and bigger and from outside of the regime , the opposition brought disscussion on reform , civil rights - civil society and human rights dialogue. This period in Iran's history was infact the turning point .

In 1996 -97 Mohammad Khatami with reform agenda- similar to Gorbachev was elected as president. He continued to reform the government and started a controlled oppeness in the society. Although he was challenged with the radical forces and officials of the Islamic Republic but people supported his reform. In his first four year term, he did what he could , because he believed in Islamic Republic and he didn't want to cross the red line . This belief and the opposition of radical element inside the revolutionary guards , the radical clergies, the radical elements inside his ministries including the Ministry of information brought his reform almost to a halt. But society could breath a bit more easier.In his 2nd term as president he was almost the same. His government became stagnant .
during his presidency NGO's grow and the social networking and internet users also grow .

But almost five years ago when Ahmadinejad supported by radical clergies and conservatives was elected as president, his main agenda was to revrse the course of reform which was started during Mohammad Khatami. He came to quash all the NGO's , the media , the semi free press , the social networkings , the internet users -particularly the bloggers and in short the civil rights movement. It was during the reign of his confrontational government , the dissent voice grow into a new movement which become known as green movement. When Ahmadinejad nominated himself for the 2nd time , this time people trusted Mir Hossain Musavi and Karubi the two presidential candidate who came with the agenda of change in the system. So the people supported the two candidate against Ahmadinejad. The presidential election in last June was cheated by Ahmadinejad and supported by Khamenei . Millions of people who supported and voted for Musavi and Karubi were in shock of cheating and poured into the street in June 13 ,2009 and since then the protest against Ahmadinejad and for change -reform grow bigger and bigger .....

To be continued...


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