Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahmadimoghadam the head of police force: "The truck that ran over people on the day of "Ashura" was stollen."!

Perhaps the pellet gun that injured people, was by someone who was hunting birds in the middle of Ashura.
The Chief police force Esmail Ahmadi-Moghadam announced that: "About the truck that ran over the rioters on the day of "Ashura" , the owner of the truck was identified , and it become known to us that , the truck was stollen and the rubber had done this,and we are investigating about this man".
Excuse my Farsi: B.......S.......................t.
When the reporter was asking more question about the truck , he was told not to dig in. According to report, the reporter was attacked by pro- regime forces and he was handcuffed, but later let free.

The evidence is clear enough and it seems that ,the pandemic lie/lying virus has infected everyone of this regime officials and there seems no cure for it.
Ahmadimoghadam also threatened people in the green movement that; the regime is going to take harsher measure for "rioters".


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