Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Iranin free willing people are asking you to help support their cause, for freedom in Iran!


UN must follow its principles and punish Islamic Republic of Iran and take stronger measure against this regime which says one thing and does another . This regime is nothing but a shame for UN. As a member state ,I thought they have to follow the principle , mission and vision of the United Nation . A regime that has No respect at all for the UN charter and mandates and even to its members, must not be treated equal to those members that have great respect for human rights and the principles of the UN and the charters.

Moslem nation must force their countries to push Islamic Republic to stop killing their brothers and sisters, they must ask their government to call Iranian ambassadors in their countries for question. Shiia or Sunni both are moslem brothers and must not ignor what is happening to each other wherever they are . Islamic Republic regime headed by Khamenei-ahmadinejad are killing your brothers in the streets of Iran.

Government all over the world must break the silence about Iran. Islamic Republic is killing the Iranian people in the streets of Iran. People of Iran need your support now. Leaders of the green movement need your support now before it is too late.

Hamas, Hezbullah, and all other small or big moslem group, who have supported Islamic Republic and Ali Khamenei- Ahmadinejad must know that Iranian people are determined to topple this regime and for a free Iran. If you doubt look at this blog and see how Iranian people fight for freedom.

Central American Governments nations including the Peruvian, Venezuelan, Cuban ,Nicaraguan and Brazilian government must stop dancing with the regime of Islamic Republic and if believe in human rights they must call the Islamic Republic ambassador for questioning about the killing of Iranian free willing people in the streets of Iran.


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