Monday, December 28, 2009

New wave of arrest in Iran!Regime has targeted opposition leaders,political personalities,political and human rights activists.Hundereds been arrested

Hundreds of political personalities, political activists and human rights or women rights activists have been targeted in the streets or at home and have been arrested and are detained and their lives are in great danger.

Among those arrested : Emad Baghi human rights and head of Prisoners Association in Iran who was arreted and when his wife asked why they are arresting him , was told by security forces that; you may not see him again.

Ebrahim Yazdi the head of "Nehzat azadi " political party was arrested this morning at three Oclock in the mornming from his home.

Alireza beheshti shirazi the manager of the "Kalameh" website , the website of Mir Hossain Musavi was arrested this morning. He is the son of the late Beheshti one of the powerful follower of Khomeini.

Three close relative of Musavi including Frouzandeh the head of the office of Musavi, mohammad Bagherian (Not sure about the spelling) the head adviser to Musavi and ghorban Behzadinejad the head of Mir Hossain Musavi's election campaign headquarter, were all arrested this morning.

Mehdi arabshahi , Morteza Haji the president of "Baran foundation", Rasouli the head of this Centre,mohammad sadegh rabani professor of Tehran university, Mostafa Izadi writer and journalist, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi political activist, Haleh Sahabi the daughter of Ezatollah sahabi a prominent political figure, Ms. Mahin Fahimi ( Member of mothers for peace campaign) together with her son Omid montazeri ( the son of Hamid Montazeri who was killed in the political prisoners murdering in 1988 ), Ardavan Tarakemeh one of leftist political activist were among those arrested. The number of people arrested may be bigger but at this time there are no information.


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