Sunday, December 27, 2009

young women together with men are leading the protest in Iran!

The nephew of Mir Hossain Musavi was assasinated right in front of his home by five security forces driven by a patrol.He was 42 years old and had two children. His wounded body was carried by his brother in-law to hospital but was pronounced dead. Security forces have taken the body from hospital and are going to bury it without the family presence.

Faezeh Hashemi the daughter of Ayatollah hashemi Rafsanjani joined the protesters again.

A girl who was chanting freedom slogan in Valiasr Square was run over with a car driven by the regime forces . the wounded body of the girl was taken away by the regime forces and people witnessed this tragic event . No one knows about this young woman.

Many Iranian people have been killed or wounded in this protest . Many have been arrested or kidnapped from the streets. according to the news at least five people have been killed. But the killing can be more than reported.......


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