Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Regime has become very abject.....

Kartoon by : Nikahang Kowsar -On pro-regime rally
People's Power ....
Thirty plus years ago i was in philippines, one day on my way to school in Sampaloc area in Manila-near train railing , i saw people are gathered around the train and receiving a bag of something , when i asked about it, they said ; the Government is distributing rice and food among poor Filipino. No wonder , that month presidential election was supposed to take place. This happened when martial law was no longer in place off course. A few years later, protest grow bigger and bigger against Marcos dictatorial regime for corruption and few years later his regime was toppeled by People's Power, and he escapped to Hawai and soon died there in exile.

I'm writing this because , the coup d 'etat regime of Khamenei-ahmadinejad is now doing the same things , distributing potato, and now, food and Sandwitch for their government campaign.Or giving and promising to give money to teachers , because the Teachers Union threatened to go on strike if their demand not met. But of course, this won't change the course the people has taken for change- reform and human rights and democracy.

Regime has become very abject. Watch the video posted earlier.

Today the green people stayed home. Most of the people showed at regime rally were plain cloth militia and the government employees, they were forced to attend or else they wiould lose their job .Of course, there were some believer of this regime too.


Tonight people in the green movement are going to the rooftop again in Tehran and will chant stronger slogan .


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