Monday, January 04, 2010

Mir Hossain Musavi released his 17th communique...(Part 2)

Continuation from last post...

Musavi's 17th communique brought hot discussion inside and outside Iran among intellectuals and political parties as welll as human rights NGO's. In a way i wanted to say Mr. Musavi's 17th communique poured a cold water on a hot body of the movement. Was the protest getting out of the category of a civil rights movement?. Was it getting out of control? Were the people getting into violence?
Some one suggested: Defending itself isn't "violence". Meaning, if someone uses violence to defend itself , that won't be considered the use of violence. Another one suggests: Defending itself isn't violence, it can be called resistance. So, it is just a vocabulary . Using violence to defend itself can be called resistance. Like the National liberation movements and so on.

Most of the supporters of reform-change had supported Musavis communique by their joint statements and personal articles.

Mr. Sahabi a prominent "Melli -Mazhabi " leader and a dissent voice to Ahmadinejad government wrote a letter to Iranian in exile and asked them to join the non-violent movement and oppose the use of violence.

Mohsen Rezaei the former head of revolutionary Guards welcomed Mr. Musavi's initiatives.

The radical Islamist supporting Ahmadinejad , the radical Ayatollahs and alike, all called for the arrest of Musavi -Karubi as the leaders of what they called " sedition".

What is clear is that, the 17th communique insisted more on non-violence and a break for everyone to think and a chance for the regime to reconsider its decision to suppress the non violent civil rights movement of Iranian people. Iranian are sometimes like fire and sometimes like water and the movement since June 12 shows this proverb.

As a result of the release of this communique , new way of struggle or protest is developing and strike by students boycotting their exams and classes is the start. Workers strike are growing, In this week the workers of "Alborz Tire" and "Mazanderan weaving factory" workers stopped working. For the fear of strike , regime has arrested workers leaders and teachers union leaders.

Ahmadinejad's Government didn't only bring political crisis, it brought economic crisis as well.

May be a little statistic will help to understand the situation better:

The engine of the protest at present are the young Iranian women and men. They are below 40 years of age. Most of these women and men belong to student and women movement or social networking. Iranian society has 3.5 million students and it has 18 million elementary and high school students.70 per cent of the society is young and the country has fresh and young blood.
65 per cent of university students are women.

The economic situation of the country since Ahmadinejad took office went not only wrong but mad.The income of the government of Ahmadinejad in his first four year term from oil was 266.2 Billion dollar. The first five months of his 2nd term in 2009, had an income of 17 billion dollar. From the begining of the Persian year , the government didn't give any money it received by selling oil to the central bank.
According to the central bank statistic , 19 per cent of the population are jobless. one fifth (1/5) of the population are living below poverty.Borrowing from the bank and debt to the banks are more than 40,000 billion Tuman (1Tuman is = 1000 US dollar) . The banks are having difficulties to get back the mony's it gave to borrowers. In short the banks are on the verge of collaps if they dont receive their money.


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