Saturday, January 09, 2010

One week of political turmoil in Iran!

Picture: Karubi's car was attacked by organized plain cloth agents.

This last week the political stage witnessed both with expected and unexpected events inside and outside of Iran . Most political intellectuals believed the regime of coup d'etat backed by Khamenei and his childeren is like a wounded snake will jump and bite at any time. The unwanted regime of coup d'etat brings yet more instability in Iran and deepens the crisis for the Islamic Republic. This trends seems non stoppable and continued for the last while. The attack/assault on reform/change camp were intensified . Arrests and imprisonment increased in a way that it is hard to follow the names and numbers. hundereds of even seems thousands have been arrested from all over Iran. The prisoners are kept in a very harsh condition . Report coming from "Eshrat Abad" barrack prison is worrying the human rights defenders in Iran. Regime is arresting everyone it suspects . Regime also arresting family members of known human rights defenders particularly in the case of Shirin Ebadi , her sister is arrersted and her brother and brother in laws are threatened. Emad Baghi the head of the Association Defending Prisoners Rights is arrested. Many journalists were arrested and many newspaper and website were shut down.

Regime in a recent attack on Bahai's has arrested 12 members of Bahai community in Iran. The world is also worried about the seven leaders of the Bahai arrested in 2008 .Their lives are only in the hand of UN and UN human rights council.

In the regime camp: Said Mortazavi was named as the accused of "Kahrizak" prison . Rohullah Hossainian a pro regime of coup d'etat, a Tehran MP , a suspect behind the "Chain murdering " and a member of the ultra secret team of Ministry of Information together with "Emami" ( the agent that commit suicide due to revelation that he was masterminding the chain murdering) , resigned this week from parliament. His resignation brought many discussion among coup d'etat regime and green movement. The parliament is going to review his resignation this coming week. In another news: A member of the Iranian embassy consulate team Mr. Heidari in Norway resigned from his post and apparently joined the green movement. Last week , Mr. Mohsen Rezaei former commander of Revolutionary Guards and current member of the expediency council expressed an almost positive view from Mr. Musavi's 17th communique, this also brought discussion among both pro regime and green movement . The green movement encouraged his move but he was sharply attacked by pro regime think tank Ayatollahs. Yesterday Mr. Karubi former head of the parliament ,a presidential candidate and a leader of green movement car was ambushed in the city of Gazvin where he was about to address to a meeting. Gunmen fired two gun shot at his bullet proof car , the car glasses were shattered but he was unharmed , said his son. His daughter warned regime that if anything happened to her family members , the government will be responsible.

One other important item of the week was,the appointment of Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr one of the leader of revolutionary Guard into the ministry of justice by Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary Power. This is unpresidented because it is happening for the first time and late ayatollah Khomeini has banned military personnel entering into politics and particularly now into ministry of justice. Is this the begining of the end of the Islamic Republic?

The economic situation is not better but worse than ever. Banks are losing ground and with a lot of debt, they are almost unable to breath and statement after statement are released by bank officials.

Iranian in support of green movement have staged protest in front of Islamic Republic embassy's around the world.

Italian Government urged the European Parliament to voice their protest against the Islamic Republic for violation against human rights in Iran. A group of European Parliament members were about to enter in Iran , but apparently not permitted by the regime of ahmadinejad.

In the meantime discussion continues among political scholars and intellectuals on the non violence discourse.


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