Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Finally , after several months , the parliament found the former prosecutor Said Mortazavi guilty of crime he commited in "Kahrizak " prison !

Finally , "mountain gave birth to a mole" and the parliament's delegate investigating on "Kahrizak" prison , (where perhaps hundereds of Iranian peaceful protester were jailed and tortured brutally to death) today Wednesday January 6 found Said Mortazavi the former Tehran prosecutor as guilty of negligence. Said Mortazavi was ordered to the post of Kahrizak by the head of judiciary power .Last Sunday the founding was approved by the parliament. Said Mortazavi is a known face, what about the others? Why do they protect the others?

Now, the parents of those who were murdered in Kahrizak prison must go after Sadegh Larijani the head of the judiciary power who must take responsibility as the head of the court and prison system in Iran.

The parliament must then according to the demands of the family and relatives of those murdered must bring an investigation against the head of prisons / prison officials and others including Hossain Taeb and Radan and others. This investigation must continue to the top and Ahmadinejad and his cabinet as the head of coup d'etat government must face the problem .

People's patience is limited . They want justice on the case and they have every rights to come to the streets for justice, justice for their vote and justice for those who have been brutally murdered in the hands of Islamic Republic militia's.

NO justice ,No peace !


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