Thursday, January 14, 2010

MP Ali Motahari: Remove the judiciary immunity of Said Mortazavi!

First picture-Ali Motahari, 2nd picture- Radan and Said Mortazavi

Roozonline- Bahram Rafiei

Request by Ali Motahari for expediting the trial of Said Mortazavi the accused of crimes in "Kahrizak " prison.

Said Mortazavi is also accused of murdering Zahra Kazemi the Iranian-Canadian photo journalist.
According to the finding of MP's investigating the crimes in "Kahrizak" prison, where many prisoners of the protests were illegally trasferred , tortured and murdered , Judge Said Mortazavi was named as the accused behind the "Kahrizak" crimes.

Mr. Ali Motahari the son of late Motahari the Islamic Scholar asked Mohammad sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary power to remove the immunity of Said Mortzavi as judge and without delay put him on trial for commiting the crimes against prisoners.He said in his letter: "Based on the crimes commited by Said Mortazavi during his term as prosecutor which is proven by the 7 and 8 parliament,he must be brought before the law and put on trial without any delay."

Despite of parliament delegate fact finding and naming Said Mortazavi as an accused of crimes in "Kahrizak" , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ignoring the parliament and coming to his rescue , naming him as head of the task force of underground goods and foreign exchange , plus leting him keep his position as judge.
What a country? What a parliament ? and what a Judiciary power???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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