Thursday, January 21, 2010

Count down for the upcoming February 11 (revolution day ) nationwide protest !

despite of continuous arrest and imprisonment of close to 10,000 men and women from all walks of life ( report indicate that the regime lack space for new prisoners in Evin and other prisons), the green movement has prepared and distributed posters which calls for count down from february first to Feb. 11 as a nationwide protest.As usual they will continue their protest at night by chanting slogan on the rooftops and scattered protest in Tehran and other cities up to Feb.11 which will be a day of nationwide protest.

The economic situation is on the free fall and the regime is unable to manage the situation .Because of instability and the situation, people are withdrawing their mony's from the banks and regime in a hasty decision banned anyone who withdraw more than 15 million Tuman ( $15,000). Regime's bank officials also warned about money laundering. In the meantime, the new money printed didn't stop people of writing freedom slogan on the bills. Again in a hasty desision regime asked the shop keepers not to accept mony's that have slogan on it. This policy will fail because, if the shopkeepers dont accept mony that have slogan, their sell will sharply drop.

Daily news indicate that someone has defected in foreign soils. The news today said ; a weight lifter from national team asked for asylum in Sweden.

unrest and strike among workers is also growing.

On Economy :
Mr. Hassan Rohani member of the expediency council and a member team of Khatami's Government speaking with ILNA news agency said:
The difference between import and export is 20 billion Dollars.
The GDP in last year was 2.3 percent.
The jobless is 22.5 percent.
The income of 9th Government was 370 billion Dollars.
Mr. Rohani said:
We thought at least 180 billion dollars would be left in the reserve fund, but he said: There is no money left in the reserve fund .

Regime continuou to murder the protesters in prisons. The lives of many prisoners are in great danger.

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