Thursday, January 21, 2010

Again about the relation of Islamic states with Islamic Republic....

For the history-
The Islamic states must reconsider their relation with Islamic Republic or show their Moslem people that; they have differences with Islamic Republic or the way the Islamic Republic is handeling with the situation and its own people. Sooner or later those countries that have close ties with Islamic Republic or have supported the Islamic Republic in any ways during the national uprising, which is going on for almost eight months,must answer to its own people that; why and for what reason they didn't change their policy with a regime that suppresses their moslem brothers and sisters?
In recent months there are little changes in policies of some moslem countries including Syria. Their has been some changes also in the policies of Hamas.Not clear if it is going to reconsider its relation with the Islamic Republic , a regime that is clearly unstable, will fall sooner or later and suppresses its own people and it brings more crisis not only to the region but the whole world.

The Islamic states must decide whome going to support , Ahmadinejad's regime or the green movement , the Iranian people's movement for democracy and human rights ?


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