Sunday, January 31, 2010

Iranian are going to bring world attention to Iran again with their protests!

First three Pictures- Evin prison and protesters , The three prisoners: Mahin Fahimi,Omid Montazeri and Zohreh Tonekaboni

Iran is inflamed....
The protest have started on Saturday in front of Evin prison. more than 2000 family members ,friends , relative and human rights advocates have gathered in front of Evin prison in Tehran from day break to the midnight and demanded for the release of political prisoners. On saturday 70 prisoners were released , the prison officials were going to release another 13 but this is nothing compare to the number of people arrested.People are gathered there and time to time name of someone is called for the release. While a few are being released ,the arresting machine doesn't stop and arrests more. Regime has arrested many members of the NGO known as " Mothers for Peace " and " The Association of Mourning Mothers" whose childerens were murdered during the last 8 months of protest including Mahin Fahimi and her son Omid Montazeri and Zohreh Tonekaboni. It is really hard to monitor how many have really been arrested , but news indicate that it is by the thousands. The regime of coup d'etat is planning to execute five more political prisoners following the hanging of two in last week. who is responsible for this crime against humanity ? First of all the head of judiciary power Ayatollah Mohammad Sadegh Larijani ...

Karubi and Mir Hossain Musavi two leader of the green movement and the two presidential candidate have met and condemned the execution of the two innocent young Iranian protesters, They also called people to continue their peaceful protest on the coming of Feb. 11 and they have said ; they will participate .
the websites and blogs are full of news and support for Karubi and Musavi and the coming of natiowide protest on February 11.


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