Friday, February 05, 2010

Shirin Ebadi: The situation in Iran is like a barrel of dynamite, small things may explode this barrel !

The Regime had chance to reverse the situation it created. Now seems there is less chance and the regime has decided to use force and create fear among the society but everyone knows that; first of all it is the regime officials who day and night think that people may at any time by the millions pour into the streets and attack to their high commands post . By the way, if tonight like the election result announcement night, people not to sleep and pour into the street next morning , what the regime official can do? People don't usually inform when they will outpour into the street. It may happen all of a sudden and in a surprise move.

Iran looks like the sea -calmness before the storm.
Regime has began a madly/frantic game.

They shut down SMS . They disrupt internet. they are trying to hack the major websites . they have also created blackout and cause problems for satelite dishes. They executed political prisoners to create fear. They have started a wave of arrest of students and political or human rights activists from all over Iran.

Why the regime is doing this ? This will create a situation like the day after they have announceed Ahmadinejad is the winner. That night the people couldn't sleep and the next day by the millions they outpoured into the street.

70 percent of Iranian are young rational with fresh and hot blood. Regime is creating a situation that the blood will boil in the young bodies. a dangerous game indeed.

news that are coming shows that; how much the regime has become affraid of the coming of February 11 ( the revolution Day ) which is set by the people as a national day of protest against the regime of coup d'etat. According to news; the regime has gathered all its militia forces in Tehran and major city's.

The coup d'etat head quarter is busy in their offices planning how to suppress the green movement. Despite of all the effort and as a historical fact, Green movement will survive and regime seems digging its grave by its own hands!

According to another news; the people of the city of Lar (Larestan) has revoulted against the regime city headquarters and several days of clashes between people and regime forces were reported. The city is an example of the situation that is going on in all the city's in Iran.

What the regime can do? To suppress more and kill more? arrest and detain more than they have now? News says ; the political prisoners are by the thousands! The regime admit 4000 have been arrested!??

the political game the regime play belong to a century ago. We live in a new era of information technology and global village . Most of the young Iranian are familiar with this policy .The regime trys to set games such as launching Satellite and promissing to give free money to low income people or free potato . Some people may take it but the next day they join the protest against the regime .

News indicate of the financial crisis in the coming Persian new year (March 20th ).The price of the basic daily food commodities such as bread and meat and gas are going to increase. Inflation will become unimaginable in the coming Persian new year.Unemployment is on the rise.This will bring more potential people into the green movement. Protests and strikes are growing among Iranian workers.

What the regime can do?

One thing the regime can do and that is to listen to the people and fulfill their demands or sleep tonight and everynight with a nightmare of the next day .The situation in Iran is like a barrel of dynamite and a small thing may explode the barrel, well said by Shirin Ebadi.


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