Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb. 11 (Revolution Day) ... what is going on in Iran....Even censorship can't do anything ..Regime can't do anything to stop the protest....

According to report Iranian are protesting in the major city's. In Tehran "Valiasr Square" clashes between the Basiji Militia and people are reported by eyewitness and the people at the entrance of Valiasre Bulevard burnt down a Basiji's motorcycle. The people are chanting : The government is doing crime and Khamenei is supporting them. A bus full of Basiji militia from Orumieh city in (Tehran -Arya Shahr area ) was set abalze. All the Bus Terminals are under severe security control.The security agents are controlling the coming and going out of the city.

Ms. Zahra Rahnavard the wife of Mir Hossain Musavi the winner of last June presidential election participated in the protest today in Sadeghieh of Tehran. She was beaten and hurt by the plain cloths militia but people have made a chain and protected her and she was able to leave the area.

In the city of Isfahan people came out stronger than before, one report says.On the bridge known as "Siosepol" people clashed with Basiji's and were teargased and were pepper sprayed.
the people were chanting: death to dictator .


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