Saturday, February 27, 2010

Iran after February 11 protest ,Fire Burning Under Ashes !

The green movement is alive and strong.
This was the title of an article.
The citys are full of silent majority opposition and regime does not know what to do and whom to arrest and can't arrest all .It has also become harder for the regime to identify and arrest people. Regime suspect anyone and arrest and this causes more problems for the regime. Thousands of people are arrested and detained in the last 9 months of protest.for the fear of another mass protest ,regime has approached and built more into oppressive machines. spends more money to build its riot police, militias and intelligence forces and propaganda machine.According to a report , regime is trying to hire more human forces into its militias.
Regime so far has executed four people or more and 20 other are awaiting to be executed, this is to create more fear among oppositions.It has oppened criminal file for more than 100 women activists who call for their human rights.It has more than 63 journalist and photojournalists in prison and almost the same number of journalists have left Iran to escape arrest and detention.

despite of all the threats by high ranking and Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic, Karubi and Musavi are not bending and continue to emphasize on the cheating in the presidential election and not recognizing the government of Ahmadinejad. The "Seda va Sima " the propaganda machine of the hardliner conservative in the recent show attacked on liberal democracy and refome and called libera opposition as facists. The hard liners call the reformists as "Sarane Fetneh" or "the heads of sedition" . In the picture above which has been taken recently, "these seditious" personalities have gathere in the Khomein's office , they are : Khatami, Karubi, Seyed Hassan khomeini ( the grand sone of Khomeini-the Islamic Republic founder)including Rafsanjani.

Regime is affraid of liberal thoughts growing among people. despite of showing its teeth , i believe firmly that regime is affraid for yet another mass protest , indeed regime is really affraid.

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