Saturday, March 20, 2010

Karoubi's New Year messsage to Iranian

Mr. karoubi released his New Year message.While expressing his greeting to all Iranian around the world and those who speak in Farsi, he also sent a strong message to Khamenei who have called everyone to stay in the ship(the system) . But Mr. Karoubi believes that if the system is : Ayatollah Janati, Ayatollah Yazdi , Ayatolla Mesbah Yazdi , Ayatollah Hasani , Ayatollah Khatami , Hossein Taeb, Shajouni and if the system means Ahmadinejad , Said Mortazavi, Elham , Rohollah Hoseinian and so on ..then this is just a small group of people and this is not a ship , this is just a boat. The system must carry all the 70 million Iranian people not just a few.

In his message he emphasized how the system discriminate toward its own people and favor towards a few. Karoubi's message brings yet another dispute among the high ranking officials of the Islamic Republic and a fresh debate. It opens the wound which is not treated yet . In the coming future this message will raise new level of dialouge and criticism among the top officials and among the millions of Iranian people. In fact Mr. karoubi's message is the message of millions in the green movement to Khamenei who favoured towards the few.

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