Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farzad Kamangar's lawyer Mr. Khalil Bahramian: "My client was not guilty "!

Mr. khalil Bahramian lawyer of Farzad Kamangar the Iranian Kurdish teacher who was executed last Sunaday May the 9th said:

"My client was not guilty, these gentlemen do not have even a tiny document against my client,if they claime they have, they must bring it forward and show it to some of impartial and honorable Iranian judges who were judges of the courts and they can also tell to the international judges.If there are a tiny reason against Farzad , i would shered my law office licence for ever and tolerate any punishments. One security and Ministry of Information agent in front of Farzad told me that; the danger of execution is over , it is not going to happen.....Now all of us are in shock......We still can't believe this.....I still clear my eyes and think that it was a bad dream that i had and when i woke up i'll find out that it was a bad dream."
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