Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seyed Mohammad Khatami the former reformist president of Iran: " 2010 is the year of social unrest (crisis) in Iran ".

Political party's in Kurdistan province in protest to the execution of five political prisoners(four of them Kurdish) announced today ( Thursday ) as a day of public mourning in all over Kurdistan and a day of public strike. The political partys in Kurdistan have come to a unified decision to announce Thursday as a day of mourning and a day of civil rights action. they have adressed people not to engage into violence if the regime did so, instead the people must continue their protest in civil rights manner.

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According to another article written by Jamshid Taheripour :

The five political prisoners didn't know anything about they were going to be executed on the early morning of last Sunday.Their execution took only 7 minutes, the idictment by public prosecutor took 3 minutes out of 7 minutes. That means the killing of 5 people took 4 minutes of time. "Farzad Kamangar's sister congratulated all free loving people ....she said: no need to express condolence...." At present 16 Kurdish prisoners and 11 prisoners who have been arrested after the last June 12 presidential election are sentenced to death and their lives are in great danger.
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The "Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran" in a letter to the head of Judiciary power Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani condemned the execution of five young Iranian. the letter read:
On the dawn of May 9 five young people ( majority of them Kurdish) were put to death which shocked and brought regret among us.
The letter asked five question from the head of judiciary and one of the question is:
Why the execution was carried out without informing the victims lawyer and even without the presence of the victims family members.
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