Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UN must send a delegate to Iran immediately to monitor the situation in prisons and to stop the execution of political prisoners !

UN must intervene in the situation of political prisoners in Iran immediately before it is too late.

People in the Islamic states must put pressure on their governments to send strong protest letters to the coup d'etat government of Ahmadinejad and condemn the killing of their innocent moslem brothers in Iran.

Once again IRAN WATCH CANADA calls the followers of Hamas in Palestine, Hizbullah of Lebanon and the follower of Moqtada Al sadr in Iraq to protest against the killing of their innocent moslem brothers.

The regime of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are destablizing the situation of our region and this concern all of us and we cant keep quiet.

One news indicate that, more than 17 political prisoners are on death row and regime is planning to carry out their sentences. Regime is taking revenge from the political prisoners beacuse of the last 11 months of unrest in Iran. Regime is also creating an atmospher of fear through out the country , reminding the people if they protest in the coming anniversary of the presidential election rigging , they would end up with the same situation.

Despite of willingness by public prosecutors office and MP's to transfer the bodies of these five to their families, but the ministry of information and the office of the ministry in Kurdistan won't give the bodies to the families.

In another news, this morning the mother and sister of Shirin Alamhouli the only woman who was executed on sunday were arrested at their home in the city of "Mako".This is while they did not know anything about the execution.

The International Teachers Federation in a strong statement protested the execution of Farzad Kamangar the Iranian teacher.

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