Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Islamic Republic regime in Iran hanged five innocent Kurdish political prisoners to spread fear among brave Iranian women and men !

Execution, the message of Khamenei at a time when we are closer to the anniversary of Coup d'etat!
Do You remember Farzad Kamangar the young Iranian teacher , he was hanged today in Evin prison by the order of Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary power and the regime of coup d'etat.
Execution of these five Iranian citizen, at a time when we are closer to the anniversary of coup d'etat, is the message from Khamenei to the people of Iran and to the Green Movement activists. A message to creat fear and to repent people from continuing the protest at the anniversary of coup d'etat, said Ali Keshtgar a political leader and commentator living in Paris. It is necessary in response to this criminal message, Iranian all over the world belonging to any group or with any idea come together united to react and protest , added Mr. Keshtgar.

Today Sunday May 9/2010 at dawn the regime of coup d'etat has hanged four young man and a woman. This is to creat fear among Iranian and their revenge from from Iranian people for their readiness to continue the protest.This regime coming to its end, at least the news coming from Iran indicate. The situation in Iran is a great mess created by the Islamic Republic regime.


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