Sunday, May 02, 2010

Today Sunday May 2nd was teachers day in Iran and teachers announced they would protest against the policy of Ahmadinejd Government....

Prior to teachers day in Iran (May 2nd )Ministry of information arrested many leaders of the teachers from all over Iran.Among them:

Arrested recently and before May 2nd...
1-Ali Akbar Baghani -general secretay of ther Teacher's Union
2-Alireza Hashemi - general secretary of Teachers Organization
3-Mahmoud Beheshti Langroudi-Spoksperson for the Teachers Union

Arrested many months before ....
4-Abdolah Momeni
5-Hashem Khastar
6-Mohammad Davari
7-Rasul Badaghi
8-abdolreza Ghanbari
9- Farzad Kamangar

Abdolreza ghanbari and Farzad Kamangar are sentenced to death.

In the city of Hamadan three members of Teachers Union were summoned by the security agents , then were threatened and their houses were searched ....
10-Jalal Naderi
11-Asghar Mohammad Khani
12- Ali Najafi

In the city of Tabriz the security agents have attended to the houses of many members of the Teacher's Union and after searching their houses took away their computers and they were told not to hold rally and banned their rally.Among those arrested were :
13-Hassan Kharatian
14-Tofiq Mortezapour

Both were president and member of the teachers Union.

In the city of Kermanshah two Teachers rights advocate were given lashes and also were asked to pay fines. They are:
15-Ali Sadeghi
16-Mohammad Tavakoli


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