Sunday, May 02, 2010

May Day rally in Tehran and other citys according to news !

According to news hundereds of workers from various citys of the country including Tabriz, Shiraz and Ghazvin held May Day rally and protested against Ahmadinejad's Government policy towards workers.

In Tabriz the workers gathered in front of Labour office and protested against poverty, group dismisals and unemployment.

In Shiraz the workers held a banner which carry message like: " Workers, congratulation on your unemployment day , we won't stop until we get our rights".

Workers in the city of Ghazvin gathered in city sport stadium and were chanting" Workers Unite ,Unite ".

In another banner it was written : " We the workers of Alborz chinaware didn't receive salary for the past seven months ".

In these gatherings , anti riot guards, police and plain cloths agents were present and in several places clashes and arrest were reported.


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