Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iranian Workers and teachers are preparing for mass rally on May 1st ( workers Day) & May 2nd ( Teachers Day in Iran )

Because of the announcement by teachers and workers organizations to hold rally in protest of regime policy towards workers and teachers rights , and beacuse of the fear ,the regime has arrested Mr. alireza Hashemi the general secretary of Iran's Teachers Organization on wednesday Apri 28.

Regime security agents have entered Mr. Hashemi's residence on Wednesday afternoon and after searching the house , they took with them the computer and other personal items and transfered Mr. Hashemi to an unknown location. In the past he has been arrested and detained several times .

Also Mr. Ali Akbar Baghani the general secretary of Teachers Union and Mohammad Beheshti Langroudi the spoksperson of this union were arrested in their home by the agents of Ministry of Information and according to news , both of them are held in ward number 209 in Evin prison.

In the meantime , both Mr. Karubi and Musavi the green movement leadres have supported the teachers and workers rights and both have criticized the policy of the regime of coup d'etat.

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