Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mehdi Karubi: We will protest on the anniversary of the presidential election!

According to report; 2nd round of protest will start soon in Iran !
Mr. Mehdi Karubi one of the leader of the green movement in Iran in an interview with German weekly magazine Der Spiegel said:

We have requested for permision to hold a rally. Although it is quiet now but the society is awaiting for a spark. Mr. Karubi in speaking with Spiegel told : "People must know that we continue our struggle".

"Our struggle is for the execution of constitution which stipulate on freedom of expression and democracy", said karubi.

Last week the pro-regime propaganda machine falsly published or announced news that ; Karubi is very badly sick.

In response to those rumors , Karubi's wife Fatemeh Karubi told reporters that; her husband is in good health and warned if anything happened to her husband or family members the government will be responsible.

In the past an armed group stormed Karubi's home and forced the house keeper to open the door while the family were out.


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