Sunday, April 18, 2010

According to one report more than 20,000 Iranian protesters have been arrested after presidential election in June!

So many of these political prisoners are not known, it is because they dont belong to a political party or political groups. No one knows about their names. No one talks about these political prisoners , their families and their situation inside the Islamic Republic prisons. Recently the website of " Nedaye Sabze azadi" (The voice of green freedom ) released a list of prisoners not known but are detained inside the ward number 350 in Evin prison. The website has causioned that we can't publish the name of the source abot this list and there might be some wee mistakes in the sentences. Here is the list:

1-Ali Bikas- Arrested on June 14, 2009 and sentenced to 7.5 years imprisonment

2- Nasir Asadi (Son of: Naser) - Sentenced to 2 years imprisonment

3-Ali Arshadi ( Son of: Hossein) - 2 years imprisonment

4-Iman azarian ( Son of: Abolghasem)- 6 years imprisonment

5-Shahab akbarzadeh( Son of : Jahanbakhsh) One year imprisonment and lashes

6-Hassan etemadi( Son of :Mohammad) - One year imprisonment

7-Mohammad Javad reshad( Son of : Abbas )-2 years imprisonment

8-Mohammad Ali robati( Son of :Abdolrahim) -2 years imprisonment

9-Sasan Satarzadeh ( Son of :Gholamreza )- One year imprisonment

10-Mehrdad Sepahvand( Son of : jahanbakhsh) - 2 years imprisonment

11-Soheil Mohammadi Nasir Mohaleh ( Son of : Naser)- 4 years imprisonment

12-Amin Keshavarz( Son of :Emamali ) - 2 years imprisonment

13-Abozar Mehrani( Son of :Masih) - 2 years imprisonment

14-Hesam Tarmesi (Son of: Hamid)One year imprisonment-Family name may read differently.

15-Hamid Piroozfam( Son of : Samad) -One year imprisonment

16-Ali Parviz (Son of: Hassan)- 3 years imprisonment

17-Ahmad Bahrami ( Son of :Hamid)- 12 years imprisonment

18-Ardeshir Fazri( Son of : Javad) - 2 years imprisonment

19-Abtin Ghafari( Son of: Mohammad Esmail )- 3 years imprisonment

20- Seyed Navid Kamran( Son of : Seyed jalal ) One year imprisonment

21-Ali Ghasemi( Son of Ghodratollah)- One year imprisonment

22-Saman Nooranian( Son of: Samad) - 3 years imprisonment
23-Said Sudmelli (Son of: Noorodin ) One year imprisonment

The following people havn't been to the court yet, but are inside the ward number 350 in Evin prison - They are:

Majid Tayari( Son of :Ali)

Pouya Ghorbani(Son of: Farhang)

Ayoub Ghanbarpourian( Son of: Shah-ali )

Abolfazl Ghasemi( Son of: Ahmad )


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