Friday, April 23, 2010

Political prisoners decided to go on hunger strike until June 12 (day that shocked Iranian calling Ahmadinejad as the winner of presidential election!

Picture: One of the gathering of political prisoners family and friends behind Evin prison's wall.
The political prisoners inside prisons of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran are on hunger strike and will continue until June 12 the day the Ministry of Interior one of Ahmadinejad cabinet minister called ahmadinejad as the winner. This shocked millions of Iranian and one day after cheating the election the people poured into the Streets in all over Iran especially in Tehran more than 4 million protested against election rigging.

The political prisoners announced they will start their strike with one day / week ( on Thursdays)and will increase the days ( Monday & Thursdays /week) and as it closes to June 12 the anniversary of presidential election they will intensify the strike. Yesterday was their first day of strike.

The political prisoners including those in ward # 350 in Evin prison are doing this hunger strike in protest to prison conditions and prisoners situations.

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