Wednesday, April 21, 2010

38,000 cases in violation of human rights only in one month !

Islamic Republic regime in Iran expect an award from UN !

Perhaps a complimentary /honorary membership in UN human rights council !

According to the "statistic,publication & works of the Human Rights Activists group in Iran -Hrana" Only in the month of April at least 38,879 cases of violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic regime were reported.

In the past month more than 37,519 cases in violation of the rights of workers, 537 cases in violation of the rights of students, 255 cases in violation of the rights of political and civil rights activists ( In the field of freedom of thought and expression), 34 cases of execution and 259 known cases of torture of political prisoners inside the prisons , at least 7 cases of killing of the Iranian citizens who were living around the border , 124 cases in violation of the rights of national minorities and 68 cases in arrest and violation of the rights of religious minorities were reported.

According to report , due to the existance of a police state and despite of the wave of arrest and attack on human rights /civil rights advocates this is the least report about the current situation in Iran.

Link to this report in Persian language:

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