Monday, April 26, 2010

Statement by Iran Teachers' Union Coordinating Council :Teachers all over Iran will go on hunger strike on Sunday May 2 !

Picture:Iran Teachers' protest in front of parliament 2006

According to news, the board members of Iran teachers union will go on hunger strike on May 2 -8(the teachers Day in Iranian calendar is May 2nd) in protest against execution and illegal imprisonment of our colleagues and on May 2nd all teachers will hold the hunger strike .

The teachers in Tehran will gather at the grave side of Doctor Abolhassan Khanali one of the teacher and the teachers in the city of Qom will gather at the grave side of Doctor Motahari . In other citys teachers will hold gathering to honor great educators.

Iran Teachers' Union is a member of International teachers Union (EI)and expect sister organizations will support their cause.
Iranian teachers are paid the lowest salary and their family live in close to poverty line.Yet they are being harrased and ill treated by Basiji's and "Herasat" office . They face intimidation and imprisonment.
Iranian workers also will hold protest on May 1st ( the International Labour Day ) in front of Ministry of Labour.


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