Monday, May 10, 2010

Regime won't give the lifeless body's of the five political prisoners to their parents for proper burial !

Mr. Musavi one of the leader of the green movement released a statement and protested to the execution of five political prisoners and emphasized on the lack of judiciary process and the injuctices by the judiciary power .

On Sunday ILNA ( Iran Labour News Agency) reported that: Five members of counter revolutionary are executed !

Five members of counter revolutionary groups at todays' (Sunday ) dawn are hanged in Evin prison .

Based on a report by ILNA and according to public relation of the Tehran public prosecution office, those who are condemned to death are :

1-Farzad Kamangar -Son of Baghi

2-Ali Heidarian- Son of Ahad

3-Farhad Vakili -Son of Mohammad Said

4-Shirin Alamhouli- Daughter of Kheder

5-Mehdi Eslamian-Son of Mohammad

The condemneds had connection in terrorist activities including bombing of government centres and public places in different citys.

This report indicated that during the court process of those condemned , representative of Tehran public prosecutor and their lawyers were present.

The sentences which was issued by the preliminary courts was sent to appeal courts and supperior court.

The report then explained how each and everyone of the condemned were arrested.



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