Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More on Hossain derakhshan....

Today's News:
1- After months in waiting and close to two years imprisonment, Hossain Derakhshan was sentenced to 19.5 years in prison by judge Salavati in division number 15 of Islamic Revolution court .A source close to the family told "International Human Rights Campaign" (an Iranian human rights group in USA) that the family and lawyer did not know about the sentencing , they only red it through internet.The sentencing news came from a website known as the " Mashreq" meaning East. But a close source to the family told to IHRC that the sentencing is true and the family are in shock.This conservative website called Hossain Derakhshan as a counterrevolutionary weblog writer.
According to "Mashreq " website an informed source has told that; " based on this sentencing which was issued by judge Salavati of division number 15 of the "Islamic Court of Revolution" , Derakhshan who was arrested on October 2008 after returning to Iran , was charged with "Colaborating with hostile countries" , "Propagating against Islamic system" , "Propagating for the counterrevolutionary groups ", "Blasphemy" and "by creation and management of crony & obscene websites" ,and was sentenced to 19.5 years in prison, five years deprivation from joining any political partys and activities and returning the money that he has received from sources which are as follows:
Euro 30 ,750
and 200 British pound
According to the website Mr. Derakhshan or Mr. Mahdavi his lawyer can protest to the sentencing , so that it can be reviewed in appeal court.
First time after his return and arrest , Mr. Alireza Jamshidi on January 2009 the spokesperson for the judiciary power confirmed the arrest of Hossain derakhshan.
According to some reports Mr. derakhshan is being held in ward number 2A of "Sepah" in Evin prison.
His mother Azra Kiarash pour last year wrote a letter to Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary power and asked his son's situation be cleared.
Early last year Ahmadinejad through his office, asked judge Said Mortazavi to give every rights to Hossain Derakhshan to defend himself.
On September 20 report indicated that; Tehran prosecutor Mohammad Jafari Doulatabadi has requested the judge for sentencing Mr. Derakhshan to death , but judge did not approve the request.
Hamed Derakhshan the younger brother of Hossain Derakhshan told to Radio Farda that " We do not know yet what are the charges against Hossain"
hossain Derakhshan has double citizenship, aside from being Iranian , he is also holding a Canadian passport and is a Canadian citizen.
Canadian embassy said: Until the family decide not to aske Canada to do something for him , we can't do anything. Hamed said; Canada must do anything for him and not to wait for the family to ask help.
Mr. derakhshan's weblog was not upto date since October 2008.
His first travel to Israel was on 2006for attending a seminar
Mr. Derakhshan's family are very close to the Khamenei's circle.

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