Saturday, October 23, 2010

End the police state now ! free Mansour Osanloo the labour union leader in Iran and hands off his family members!

Regime agents wanted to arrest Mansour Osanloo's daughter in-law !

On last Wednesday regime agents in plain clothes ,on motorcycle and car attended at the house of Mr. osanloo who has been for a long time in Evin prison and tried to arrest his daughter in-law Ms. Zoya Samadi. At the time she wasn't home but the family members and neighbours were terrified.

Family members of Osanloo attended to the court and asked wether any judeges including judge Mohammadi issued warrent and gave to these agents to execute, but Judge Mohammadi and no one had information about it.

In the past Ms. samadi the daughter in-law of Osanloo was kidnapped from subway station and have been beaten and as a result she had a miscarriage.


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