Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hands off from our mothers ,sisters and brothers!

This disgraceful regime of Khamenei - Ahmadinejad has created an atmosphere of security -terror environment inside Iran. During the last few days, the regime's agents and thugs have brought more terror on "mourning mothers" ( formerly known as "Mothers of Laleh Park") and their childeren. According to a report by official "Iran newspaper" , four members of "mourning mothers" have been arrested. These mothers who's childeren have been murdered in the hands of regime security-intelligence agents ( militia's) were tortured to accept the forced video confession.Regime is trying to silence these mothers by puting more pressure on them and their families. According to one of the mother ; Mrs. Akram Neghabi the mother of Said Zainali ,the student who have been arrested 11 years ago during student protest in Iran and was never returned home , was arrested at her resident together with her daughter. At the same time the agents also stormed at the house of Mr. Hesam Tarmesy and arrested his mom and his sister (Mrs. Jila Mahdavi 40 years of age and her daughter Ms.Maryam Najafi 26 years of age). this was happening while Mr. Hesam was suffering from liver and kidney problem after his release from prison and he was on bed at the time. The agents searched the house and took with them everything they wanted including passport, laptop, camera ,money, computer cases and other personal belonging. The regime has accused these mothers including Ms. Zahra Rahnavard the wife of Mir Hossain Musavi for having relation with "armed Mojahedeen group" . It is beleived that the agents have transfered their hostages to ward number 209 in Ministry of Intelligence torture chamber. More than 15 agents were involved in this operation at 10:30 pm on last Sunday. Hesam was released from prison earlier , but for revenge , after his release the ministry agents on motorcycle attacked Hesam with poisoned knives and severly injured him and if it wasn't the doctors he would have died.

Iranian people won't silence and can't be silenced , they call : Hands off from our mother, sisters and brothers !

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