Friday, October 01, 2010

I can hear the foot step of fascism in Iran! Will the green movement allow fascism to take over the country !

Without the doubt Iran and Iranian people are facing one of the most dangerous political curve ever in the history of Iran and definitely need the support of international communities.If we go back to the history, just befor the 2nd world war and the rise of fascism in Germany , Italy , Japan and other countries , the first things fascism and Hitler did was cutting off their relation with the world, and then following a rough and aggressive policy. Hitler was speaking on social nationalism , to attract and deceive nationalists and socialists at the same time.The economic crisis , state sponsord terrorism and repression ....all but warn us to beware . To wash our eyes, have the god's eye and not to stay nutral.
Of course the situation of Iran and Germany and the time are different. But we must not forget , history sometime repeat itself . The current regime's actions are very similar to that of fascism. It may be the religious despotism turning into military fascism. If we look closely, the regime is changing its tune. Ahmadinejad's speech in UN had a message. There are almost daily state sponsord terrorism inside and outside Iran, The economic crisis, inflation, unrest inside Iran, the will of green movement to bring changes in Iran, Ahmadinejad's controversial speeches in international gatherings and foreign delegates boycotting his speech, all shows that something similar may happen and war is going to be imminent.

Will Ahmadinejad be able to save the sinking economy of Iran? I doubt.

Leaders of green movement and members based on their situation must extend their social networking to as many as Iranian. People in the green movement must stay alert in the streets. The leaders must create variety of social networking in case the military fascism take control of the country. National coordination of general strike through various committees among them :oil workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, factory workers and government employees must be established and ready for action.
I can hear the foot step of fascism in Iran , do you?

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