Wednesday, September 29, 2010

U.S has made new financial sanction against eight Islamic regime officials who had commited crime against humanity !!!!

Heidar Moslehi and the rest of crew with their Boss Ahmadinejad

Eight officials of the Islamic regime in Iran who have helped Ahmadinejad in the coup d'etat and ordered their forces to kill or tortur people in the controversial "Kahrizak" prison , have been sanctioned financially and on travel /visa permision by the Obama Government.

These new order was announced by Hillary clinton the Foreign secretary of U.S.,
These eight officials are :

1-Mohammad Ali Jafari ( The head of "Sepah Pasdaran' - Typical to national guards)

2-Sadegh Mahsouli ( The current minister Welfare and former minister of Interior )

3-Gholamhossain Mohseni-Ejeei( The current prosecutor general of the country and the former Minister of Information)

4-Said Mortazavi ( the former public prosecutor )

5-Heidar Moslehi ( The Minister of Information)

6-Mostafa Mohammad Najar ( Minister of Interior and successor to commander in chief of the armed forces )

7- Ahmad Reza Radah ( The successor to commander in chief of police forces)

8- Hossain Taeb ( Deputy to intelligence of Sepah Pasdaran and former commander of Basij forces)

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