Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Khamenei's conduct on election & his support for Ahmadinejad brought new discussion:The assembly of expert must observ,control and remove him !

After revolution, the "Assembly of Expert" or "Majles Khebregan" was set by Khomeini the founder of Islamic Republic which gives power to its member to control ,remove or appoint new leader. After the controversial last year presidential election ,Khamenei the current leader supported Ahmadinejad and called him as the winner despite of obvious cheating and protest of close to 4,000,000 people just in Tehran. His action supporting Ahmadinejad who is famous for his big lies and cheating and who has ordered his forces to shoot people in the streets and killing more than one hundereds young Iranian women and men who were chanting peacefully asking " where is my vote"brought anger among Iranian people. Mr. Karoubi the past speaker of the parliament and presidential candidate running against Ahmadinejad called the Assembly of experts to do their job on observing the leaders conduct and in recent weeks he has brought sharp criticism against Assembly of experts for not doing the job they have to do. Mr. Karoubi have emphasized that the assembly of experts "on supervising the leader " . He said : Khomeini the founder of Islamic Republic believed that ;"the most deviation from the course would be the deviation by leader itself ( leader to change course ).

This brought a newly meeting of the members of "Assembly of experts" . The head of A o E is Ayatollah Rafsanjani one of the most powerful personality and the right hand man of Khomeini the founder.

And now, Grand Ayatollah Ali Mohammad Dastqeib one of most respected and followed Ayatollah and personality in the Islamic Republic have said: "The leader is not the absolute leader /guardian and he does not have any rights over people"

This kinds of debate will continue among the society and Islamic personalities as long as Khamenei continue supporting Ahmadinejad and his lies and not returning to the path of truth and listening to people .

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