Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Iran will face deplorable events in the coming future!

Khamenei and Ahmadinejad together with all others in their circle dont know anything about managing and developing the country, all they know is to ruin Iran . Despite of all the money they have earned due to the sell of oil , nearly 400 billion dollar , the country's economy is now in shamble. despite of all the oppression, protest among workers , teachers and students are growing.
What this regime is good at: is to arrest people, torture and kill them, this is what they showed interest .
People in Iran see and hear this government is expelling teachers out of job , young graduate Iranian are jobless and regime instead of helping them, send bags of money to other regime and radical groups around the world. A hizbullah member whose house was destroyed during 30 days war between Hizbullah and Israel was talking in Press TV and telling: "It was the regime in Iran that build my house and paid me every month". This regime doesn't have talent to improve Iranian's living condition, instead it has all the talent to improve the life of Hizbullah , Hamas , Taleban and others like the regime of Karzay in Afghanistan.
Iranian people won't tolerate this and won't forget this and will give a good lesson to this regime in the coming future.


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