Monday, November 15, 2010

Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of human rights in the judiciary power of the Islamic regime is attending in 65th UN general assembly in NY!


Mr. Mohammad Javad Larijani in speaking to ISNA news agency pointed out that:
"human rights is completely a cultural issue of each country and since Islam and moslem countries have high number in population, they have to have greater role in international human rights decision making".

First of all, human rights should and must be separated from faith , ideology and politics. What Mr. Larijani is suggesting is a political abuse from the issue of human rights. Human rights is beyond politics and faith and international border.
Human rights is a humane issue and each society in the world disregard of their faith and ideology or politics must look it as an international human norms. Human rights charter is the experience of human societies which was achieved and developed during centuries of trial and errors of human generation and society.

International human socities is a global village and therefore human rights violation in one country will effect other countries and countries have responsibility to monitor the violation of human rights in their societies. Human rights is the the issue of all countries and as a member of UN and UN as their organization must play bigger role on human rights and punish the members which violate the human rights of their citizens.

What Mr. Larijani is suggesting is, in the future world will have divided human rights norms which can be derived from religiouse ,culture or faith . Like Budhism, Islam or Bahai and christianity will have their own understanding and philosophy of human rights.

This idea will divide the world human society more. Islamic regime in Iran and its political strategy makers are trying to create Islamic human rights or "Sharia" law applicable in all moslem countries and therefore to have freedom to do whatever they understand instead of upgrading their understanding of human rights to international norms.

Mr. Larijani suggests, the world to lower its standard and understanding of human rights as to the level of Islamic regime in Iran and UN members will have different understanding of human rights instead of one philosophy and implementation on human rights in the world based on UN human rights charter.
Mr. Larijani must allow other moslem like reformists in Iran who have different view from the official view, also to come to the UN and say their openion. Obviousely Mr. Larijani's human rights is a political one and is the official government views. Why not letting the Iranian NGO to participate.

The regime in Iran and its delegate is diverting the UN human rights council from its record ,instead the UN must make a presentation from the evidence of violation of human rights during last 6 years and request Mr. Larijani to comment on that.

What Mr. Larijani thinks about the human rights record in Iran?


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