Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shame on you Ahmadinejad for ignoring the Iranian workers,not paying their sallaries but sending bags of money to terrorist groups like hezbullah!

Once Khomeini the leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran said: "The title/deed is the callous hands of the workers "

250 pipe making factory workers of "Khuzestan" province went on strike in front of Governor 's office in Khuzestan and then "Ahwaz" on Sunday for five hours. The reason for strike was because, the workers did not receive their sallaries for the past 16 months.
This factory has 600 workers.
According to the workers,the government was promising to improve workers condition for the past two years , but nothing was happening. Because of mismanagement in the past years ,the factory's debt rose to 26 billion Tuman and the workers did not receive their sallaries for 16 months.
Because of dealing with melted lead at the job site , these workers face constant burn on their bodies. The picture which was taken from one of the worker, who was also among the strikers, shows the dangerous condition these workers are in, and yet the coup goverment of Ahmadinejad ignors them and stops paying their sallaries not for one / two months but 16 months.
Yet , this Government helps 25,000,000 million Dollars to Islamic party in Turkey for election campaign. Imagin that !
Shame on you !
Background information
While, this Government had an income of 256 Billion dollar income just from oil ,for its first four years in the office.
Based on the statistic by "Iran's Centre for Statistic" , 18% of Iranian are unemployed , which means 5,000,000 people.


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