Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Government of "Imame zaman" ( the absent 12th imam) believe can run/manage the whole world but can't save the lives of its mine workers !

Four workers who were traped in a mine in Kerman province lost their lives , report said.

On noon Tuesday, the "Hejdak" coal mine in Kerman province collapsed and four mine workers who were working in a depth of about 600 meters were burried with debries and lost their lives. Their bodies are not yet removed from the depth.

Iran Watch Canada in the past reported about the harsh lives and working condition of these workers.

According to report, in the past since 2009 up to now more than 41 workers have lost their lives in mines around Kerman province ,because of lack of safty and deteriorating working condition.

This is happening while, Ahmadinejad believes his government of "Imam Zaman" together with his cabinet can manage the whole world.


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