Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Free Ahmad Zeidabadi !

Google Video clip - Ahmad Zeidabadi speaking on ethnic groups in Iran.
Some excerpt from his lecture:
Although Iran is predominantely a religious country but the religion isn't the mental disturbance or apprehension of the Iranian people. Infact what the people of Iran are interested based on my opinion is to have a secular state and they showed this desire more than 100 years ago with the constitutional revolution by bringing onto trial and executing a high ranking clergy like Sheikh Fazlollah Noori who was against law,constitution and freedom.people watched his execution and i think this didn't happen in any other country .The reason for this is because although Iranian have tendency towards religion but they weren't fundamentalist .
So, the religion didn't overshadow the daily life of Iranian people, religion had its place and life had also its place. Iran is the first country in the world that experienced a fundamentalist islamic government and this happened by few fundamentalist with particular vision on religion.
To be continued........

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