Monday, January 03, 2011

More than half of Iranian population are young and they have witnessed the regime killing peaceful protesters in the streets.They won't silence ....

Iranian youth reserve their will to fight this regime !
Ahmad Zeidabadi is a well known journalist and a "Meli Mazhabi " political activist. Mr. Zeidabadi was arrested on June 13 ,one day after presidential election in Iran which ended with coup d'etat. He was kidnapped right in front of his home by the agents of the coup government and was transfered to prison. His youngest child witnessed his arrest which mentally impacted him.He spent 141 days in solitary confinement and he had 17 days hunger strike in the past.Later the prison officials transfered him from Evin prison to "Rejaei Shahr" prison and mixed him with regular prisoners.He was arrested together with thousands of people who said "NO to coup d'etat " and who had peacefuly protested against election rigging by Khamenei-Ahmadinejad. Mr. Zeidabadi was representative of Mr. Karoubi a presidential candidate who had become one of the leader of green movement.Mr. Zeidabadi is the leader of Tehran University alumni.

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This is a lecture by Dr. Ahmad zeidabadi on the issue of Ethnic Conflicts in Iran, where he does a root cause analysis on the issue of ethnic group's dissatisfaction in Iran. Ahmad Zeidabadi is a notable Iranian journalist and political analyst. He is an alumnus of Tehran University. His articles appeared in many newspapers and other media such as Rooz and BBC Persian. Lecture was recorded by Iranian Studies Group at MIT in Tehran.

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