Monday, December 27, 2010

Stop Execution Order for the Kurdish Student !
Habibollah Latifi was supposed to be Hanged on December 26, but it was postponed for now.

Due to international pressure regime postponed the execution but instead have arrested Mr. Latifi's family members, there no news how many have been arrested in this new round of raid on Latifi's case.In the past regime has warrend family and friends of the political prisoners to be silence and not to speak to media and those who violate that would face arrest or even accidental death( there are many cases of example ).

Earlier the judiciary of the Islamic regime informed Mr. Latifi's lawyer that his client will be executed on December 26 in Sanandaj city prison .
Mr. latifi's was arrested by security forces on October 23,2010 on alleged charges of activities with counter-revolutionary group. Upon arrest Mr. latifi was put in solitary confinement and under intense mental and physical torture. This is the normal procedure in Iranian judicial system.they torture prisoners to a situation to confess for what they haven't done. In another word you are guilty unless proven not guilty.
At present there are 16 other Kurdish people facing same situation and the biased or politically motivated judiciary system ordered death sentence for these Kurdish individual.

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