Monday, December 20, 2010

Mr. Ali Motahari an MP in Iran parliament: Ahmadinejad's must have a good explanation about removing Mr. Motaki the Foreign Minister !

Motaki learnt from president of senegal that he was fired by Ahmadinejad ,while he was in Senegal !?

Mr. Motahari (an MP from Tehran to Iranian parliament) who was responding to a question of a reporter on the removal of Motaki ,said: "Mr. Motaki did not know that he was fired by Ahmadinejad until president of Senegal told him that, he is no longer the foreign minister and he was fired from the post by Ahmadinejad."

Mr. Motahari said:

"President did not have the right to do this, and i hope he has a good explanation about this."

Mr. Motahari said: "Parliament as members of the people will continue to follow this case."

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