Monday, December 20, 2010

Jafar Panahi the Iranian film director is sentenced to six years imprisonment and 20 years ban from making film plus ban from leaving Iran !

Islamic judiciary system continue the path of injustices.

In picture, Juliette Binoche French Actress crying for the fate of Jafar Panahi.

The above sentence was handed to Mr. Jafar Panahi (an Iranian film maker and a critic to the regime of Ahmadinejad) by an Islamic court in Iran. These courts are run by Ayatollah Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary power.
Ms. Farideh Gheirat lawyer for Mr. Panahi told to ISNA reporter that: "Unfortunately this is a heavy sentence and it was handed to me and to my client on December 18 by devision number 26 of the court of revolution, but i will appeal the sentence in the given time ."
Mr. Panahi is charged with " gathering ,conspiracy and propagation against the Islamic regime in Iran."
This judiciary power also sentenced Mr. Mohammad Rasoulof, another film director to six years imprisonment and his lawyer said ; he is going also to appeal.

Where is the justice Mr. Sadegh Larijani ? You are the head of judiciary power aren't you? Because Mr. Panahi supported the green movement, your judiciary machine under your management must sentence a film diorector to six years imprisonment and 20 years ban of film making and above that ban from leaving the country?

Is your justice machinery a hostage taker?
And you Mr. Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of human rights commission in the Islamic Republic, what do you say now? Is this a clear violation of human rights or not?

You both brothers Mohammad sadegh and Mohammad Javad Larijani will be responsible for all these injustices on Iranian peoples and will answer to people when time comes and i have no doubt it will surely come.
The injustices are so many that no one can monitor all including Iran Watch Canada.But this Says it all about the Islamic Judiciary System.

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