Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How was Tehran on March 8 !

Internet was shut down on March 8 and still it is difficult to make connection via phone,facebookor internet.

From the website of "Where is my vote" .

Mohseni Square and Mirdamad Street were full of seurity and plain cloths forces in a way that, pedestrians haven't seen this much forces in their entire life.

According to "Where is my vote " reporter ; presence of motorcycle riding militia , police forces,anti-rioting guards and Basij militia on foot were so many .

Hundereds of protesters have gathered in and around Shariati Street . Despite of all its uniform and plain cloths security ,regime also sent its plain cloths women and men informers among pedestrian who were planning to protest. And sometimes these plain cloths informers or agents would also start chanting anti regime slogan to motivate the people and then arrest them.

Vanak Square also had the same situation full of anti-rioting forces and plain cloth securities. When a group of protesters started chanting anti government slogan , confronted with teargas. Most of the business in this area were closed.

There were also widespread security forces in other streets such as Valiasr, Enghelab,Sadeqieh, Poonak and Fatemi Square.But the presence of these forces were much more in "Madar" (Mother ) Square formerly the Mohseni Square and Enqelab or Revolution Square and "Kargar" street . protesters have gathered and chanted anti dictatorship slogan but faced teargas and clashes with the anti-rioting guards and many protesters have been arrested.

I dont know how long Islamic Republic regime can go like this. The economic situation is a mess in Iran and workers strike are pulling more people into protest against the regime and division among regime officials moving to new position.

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