Friday, March 04, 2011

"Iran,a nation waiting for opportunity to pour into the street"

Pictures shows Kian Tire workers protest and Vahid Haghanian walking along with Khamenei

"Iran ,a nation waiting for opportunity to pour into the street "
This was the title of the article of an Iranian online newspaper.

1-Excerpt from same article:
Iranian people have no fear anymore .......
People are angry from the entire system ,they openly show their anger by insulting the parliamentary speaker Mr. Ali Larijani , Khamenei and other officials in the Government with obscene words in the street , in Metro's and in market places. In the past people wouldn't use obscene words before women but now it seems their anger is way surpass their shyness and modesty.
* * * *
2-After Feb. 14 and Feb.20 protest by the green movement which once again surprised the regime officials, and since the regime officials were announcing green movement was dead, and in retaliation ,the security agents including Vahid Haghanian the deputy executive from Khamenei's office personally attended at Musavi and Karoubi's home and arrested the green movement leaders together with their wives and transfered them to Heshmatieh barracks. This news angered Iranian people in the green movement and in reaction to their arrest the "Coordinating Council for the green path of hope" called for a searies of protest on every Tuesdays until the end of Persian calendar new year on March 20.
In fear from large crowed uprising, yesterday Gholamhossein Ejeei the spoksperson for judiciary and Heidar Moslehi the minister of Information and Foreign Minister told reporters that Musavi and Karoubi are not arrested and they are at their homes.

People believe they are lying.
They are good in lying anyway.
In the past two weeks childeren of Musavi and karoubi went to their homes and knocked the doors but no one responded and the neighbours also said the lights of the houses were off and.....

* * * *
3-In a press conference in Paris on Thursday March 3 Mr. Amirarjomand a member of the coordinating council for the green path of hope said:
From now street protest won't be the only option and we are looking other option like strike and civil resistence /disobedience and.....
Mr. amirarjomand also spoke about "lawful defence". People have the right to defend themselves lawfully.

4-It was in the news that workers in the city of Tabriz and Tehran went on strike because of not receiving their salary ...

5- Adding to this is the news about the son of Hashemi Rafsanjani . Mr. Mohsen Hashemi (son of Hashemi Rafsanjani )the head of Metro Transit in Iran has resigned from his post due to the lack of budget Ahmadinejad's Government supposed to pay.

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