Monday, May 30, 2011

The head of Islamic Republic's judiciary power Mohammad Sadegh Larijani's deaf ear to all these injustices inside Iran

Picture: Nasrin hugs her husband with handcuff on her hands.

Nasrin Sotoudeh: "You may take my Law practicing liscence but not the justice" . "I continue my protest against all these injustices against me"

News: On the morning of Sunday May 29 Nasrin Sotoudeh with handcuff accompanied by two guards and a police woman was brought from Evin prison to the office of the Association of Lawyers and then to a court for a hearing on her Law firm liscence.

The judiciary power of the Islamic Republic have decided to cancel the law practicing liscence of Nasrin Sotoudeh the imprisoned Iranian human rights lawyer who have been in prison since september last year and in the past was sentenced by kangaroo court to 11 years imprisonment.To carry further pressure on Ms. Sotoudeh and her family ( as if 11 years imprisonment wasn't enough), the judiciary power headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani have decided to bring her with handcuff to the kangaroo court ( Yesterday -Sunday May 29)from prison to cancel her law firm liscence.As picture shows , she is not that weak to bend to injustices of a joudiciary system so corrupt and politicised by regime.But , mohammad Sadegh larijani is responsible for all these injustices.

For now ,the hearing was adjourned to further date.


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