Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five Iranian Journalists among other political prisoners in Evin prison on hunger strike !

It is their fifth days of hunger strike!

Excerpts from these five persons- by Niki Azad

On Last Saturday June 18 , 12 Iranian political prisoners went on hunger strike in protest to the death of Haleh Sahabi and Reza Hoda Saber ( both political prisoners as well).Haleh Sahabi (a member of mothers for peace and women rights advocate and daughter of prominent Iranian political personality) and Hoda Saber (a journalist and a member of Meli Mazhabi group).

Out of these twelve hunger striker, five are journalist. Regime has released Emadodin Baghi, one of journalist and political prisoners' defender the other day.

Still four journalists and seven political prisoners continue their hunger strike in ward number 350 of Evin prison and this is their fifth days of hunger strike.

These four journalists are:

Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei- Journalist who was writing on economic issues and economic policy of the Government and because of these writings he was sentenced to five years imprisonment.This is the second time that Bahman went on hunger strike . First time with 16 others and this time with 12 others. Bahman and his wife Jila Baniyaqoub ,both are journalist and Jila has been also arrested several time in the past and she has been banned by the judiciary of the Islamic Republic not to practice journalism for 30 years.Upto now Bahman has been in prison for more than 730 days ,that means more than two years.Has a degree in economics and written two books on Economic issues. Bahman was arrested together with his wife on June 2009 after the presidential election coup by Ahmadinejad -Khamenei.

Emad Behavar -Journalist who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.Emad Behavar was sentenced by judge Salavati. He was given this sentence because of his writing in different newspaper and a letter he wrote to Khamenei.

Mohammad Davari- Journalist and editor in chief of "Saham News". This is not his first time of hunger strike, in the past several times he went on hunger strike. Upto now he spent more than two years in prison.Mohammad was sentenced to six years .

Reza Moqiseh - Journalist and member of the investigative committee about those who have been arrested, tortured, murdered or suffered after the election coup.This committee was founded by Musavi and Karoubi the two reformist presidential candidates.The office of this committee was closed by the regime after the election coup.Mr. Moqiseh was arrested on October 2009 by the agent of the ministry of information at his home.

Emadodin Baghi - journalist and a political prisoners defenders was released by regime three days after hunger strike.

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